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Management and Leadership

asle_fri_kontorMr. Asle Frydenlund is founder, IP holder and Director of

  • The 5e Consultancy Ltd
  • The SIE Impact Academy
  • The Happy Forest Children Organization,
  • The EGCTX Trading Pool,
  • The Impactivation Platform,
  • The Impactivation Systems Ltd
  • The Victory Club;

He uses a wide range of technical and administrative skills in high-level, international business development, negotiations, and industrial contracting.

He is experienced and knows how to develop a product idea into industrial production. He can develop the entire in-line industrial production process with modern technology, with operational and maintenance programs, and bring a project idea into a full end-user and client strategy.

Asle has experience in onshore and offshore oil and gas production. Hehas extensive knowledge from industrial maintenance operations of chemical, biomass and cellulose production facilities. Developing independent high risk maintenance strategies including his own educational institution for technical staff certification through coursework of both theoretical and practical education.

He has background and experience in developing internal and external education and training programs, budget planning and finance, sales and sales psychology with dynamic impact strategies, executive administration and project leadership platforms.

Developing market-based projects and product lifeline strategies, including financial and competition risk analyses have brought him international experience within export markets.

In the past 10 years Asle has worked and studied the environmental market independently, far more than simply Biodiversity and Carbon Credits. Out of his high impact value strategy, with a triple line feasibility and risk study called Impactivation, he is developing strategies and technical plans to add values to every project by lowering costs, adding tangible and equitable values to raise production.

He is especially skilled in connecting food and agro-forestry production with industrial production, developing both sales and marketing staffs.

Asle developed the ideas of the Blue Circulating Economy philosophy, brought forward in cooperation with Dr. Michael Dutschke.

He also coined the words; Structuration, Impactability, Impactable, Impactive and Impactivation to separate the misrepresented and misunderstood words Sustainability and Sustainable today meaning everything and nothing.

To reach a solution one needs to add all known parts into the equation and “calculate” the “natural capital” against “social and economic capital” in a triangle-based logic if Impactivation to reach an evaluated and assessed equilibrium. When Comprehensively done the result will be; Its Impactable or it is not, there is anything in between.

Dr. Michael Dutschke

michaelnobelDr. Michael Dutschke is The Director of Compliance in 5e Consultancy Ltd,

An internationally renowned German scholar, author and speaker. Being a political scientist and environmental economist, he has dedicated his entire professional career to sustainable development.

He received his PhD from the University of Groningen / Netherlands. As a Lead Author of the Forth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he was awarded the collective Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Michael has been involved in the development of the Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Climate Protocol, he has been advising numerous governments, several inter-governmental organizations, like UNFCCC, UNEP, UNDP FAO and others, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector on climate change mitigation.

His company biocarbon consult is an international expert network on land use and climate change. He assisted in the development of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard, and he is co-founder and current Chairman of the Global Conservation Standard, a mechanism that facilitates private investment in nature conservation.

His company Faktor 3 assists enterprises in harnessing the win-win potential of climate protection from energy efficiency. His company in foundation Premier Planet is developing tourism projects, in order to stabilize protected areas.

Over the years, he has produced an impressive body of books, articles and reports on climate change, development and land use. Michael is an experienced teacher at academies, university courses and capacity building seminars.


Stefan Austermühle

One of our leaders is Stefan Austermühle. He is living and working in Peru since many years. From his CV:

  • Conservationist: 30 years
  • Tourism business owner: 7 years
  • Consultant on eco-efficiency: 6 years
  • Trainer on eco-business for indigenous communities: 10 years
  • Book author: 3 books, X articles
  • Film production: 7 documentaries
  • International coach, Divemaster, Yacht-pilot, fire arm instructor

Stefan is for now engaged in projects like the chrysocolla adventure and with the Victory Club project saving the butterflies in the rainforest.

You can find more about the projects here->

Stefan Austermühle, image collage
Stefan Austermühle, image collage

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