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  • No, you do not; the Victory Club is an voluntarily membership organisation were only you make decisions of how you will commence and what your activities will be, the only thing you must follow is what is defined in you membership level agreement. All commercial activities within the Victory Club are Commercial Traded and Marketing with B2C – Business-to-Customer, B2B – Business-to-Business and C2C – Customer-to-Customer activities in direct sales. You’re membership can be a private person or a professional and commercial entity; the rules of commission-based sale are the same.

  • Yes you can, there are many activities, products and services you can sell in Victory Club. From your sales activities you can earn commission in the following activities.

    • From your Victory Team sales
    • From sales of Member Packages, private & corporate
    • From sales of Victory Vouchers, as a gift
    • From sale of Victory Magazine & Finance Education
    • From sale of online Finance Education, private & corporate
    • From sale of Victory MasterCard, VClub members only,
    • From selling Victory Coins, VClub members only
    • From trading your own Victory Coins, VClub members only
    • From selling Eco Coins, VClub members only
    • From trading Eco Coins, VClub members only
    • From Victory Bonds, being purchased by your team
    • From trading your own Victory Bond
    • From selling Eco-Trees in the Amazon, private & corporate
    • From trading Eco-Trees and Eco-products
    • From selling Eco-Offsets and Eco-Branding products, corporations
    • From selling Advertisement in Victory Magazine, corporations
    • From selling Impactivation Advertisements, coprorations
    • From selling Impact Insurance services, private & corporate
    • From selling Eco-Energy services (green energy)
    • From selling Eco-Travel packages, private & corporate
    • From selling Eco-Ethical Products, private & corporate
    • From selling Indigenous, handcraft products
    • From selling Victory Conference Tickets
    • Earn VIP Bonus from your direct sales business worldwide

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  • The Victory Club and its affiliates does not offer any products or services normally sold by banks or the finance and investment industry, products like investment advice or any other investment and fiancé products or services. As an eco-based education and information club we do offer a limited type of games where members can practice what they learned, were you may purchase the various “coins, bonds, coupons and other virtual units” to participate, the Victory Bond is such a virtual product you can purchase with your Victory Coins. The Victory Coins are not a valid currency but a “cyber currency”, initially only sold to Victory Club Members and they are limited in numbers. The “cyber value” an ICE coin has depends on the value a purchaser is willingly to pay and the seller is demanding, within the VC Trading Pool.

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  • In the first six months after the Victory Club launches (between March 28 and October 1st, 2016) the VCoin’s are sold by the corporate owner of the club an the trading platform at a discounted prize, known as “floor value”. If not all VCoin are sold in this period the remaining coins can either be held away from the trading pool until further notice or it will be traded at the “current value” in the trading pool. This sale will never be more in numbers than 20% of the totally offered coins at any time and will end when all are sold or no longer available to the club.

  • Providing you with a Victory Club Apprentice registration is of no risk to you as there are no products to purchase and no fees to pay, you are not responsible for anything else than your KYC information is correct and you are 18 years of age. The success lies in the hand and activities of the club members and only they can participate in external and internal activities. You will also have access to the Victory Magazine and wide range of Impact Education, the information you will receive from articles, online education, video education and Club Online Meetings will be valuable in many ways for your personal life, your economically and financially understanding and can be a real life changing factor in your professional career.

    The Victory Club aims to give all their members access to a world-wide network of professional and commercial specialists within; economy and finance, agriculture and food production, agro-forestry and tree farming, agro and eco-tourism, engineers and technicians. They work within the environmental industry, developers and producers of technology, corporate management and operational strategy consultancies, legal and juridical specialists within various areas, specialists within renewable-resource based electricity and land management and conservation. All activities within the Victory Clubs will guide and support you in making your membership a success.Should you decide to upgrade, or become a full member when registering initially, you will be asked to pay a one-time only registration fee, a yearly membership fee and purchasing our Victory Magazine or similar products monthly. You do also need to purchase our internal only valuable “Silver Coins” needed to purchase other of Victory products and services of choice, the products you need purchase within a time limit of 15 days.

    There is no guarantee these products will keep their values and they might even fall in internal value, there is no guarantee you will be able to sell the products you have purchased and you might even loose all of your money. Speculating in internal purchase and sales bares risks and so do your purchase of shares and bonds, as it is in the financial market, we will issue you electronic ownership documents of all bonds and coupons you purchase, as they will be valid as long as their projects are active. If you cannot afford to lose the quantity of money you wish to purchase products for, with the intention of reselling them again, you should not do so, nor should you loan money to participate due to ethically principles and the harm it can do to yourselves and those you care for.

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  • All enquiries must be made on the website under the Support banner, in this way we will create a ticket system and the queue will be correctly handled and responded to, we do not have the capacity for 24/7 Phone Support yet. We might agree to sort your question or inquiry by phone or even arrange a Skype Call with all relevant parties invited, in this way we can use the opportunity to improve our system and services as we can educate members.

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Policies & Procedures 

It is important that the original version of P&P is intact. So the document is not autotranslated.

You are welcome to download the document from here.

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Victory Club Terms & Conditions 

DEFINITIONS of Terms & Conditions for Victory Club membership registration and operation
It is important that also the original version of T&C is intact. Any translation of this document, even if direct translated from the original English version, is not considered as official ore correct regarding any group activities

You are welcome to download the original document from here.
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