Different projects

Currently there are three major active projects. And some are on the planning table..

Below you can find out more about the three active projects. There are

Chrysocolla mining, processing and trading ->

Saving butterflies ->

School project ->


  • Finding

  • Mining

  • Processing

  • Trading

About Chrysocolla

Our Impactivation plan

The Impactivation plan for the chrysocolla project in short:

#Step one
Selling raw material on international mineral shows.


  • Establish bond with providers (miners) buy buying their raw material
  • Generate start-up capital
  • Get knowledge of markets
  • Create database of future clients
  • Get prices for machinery

#Step two

  • Elaborate business plan and investment plan for a gemstone production facility
  • Import machinery to Peru

#Step three

  • Start producing in rented building
  • While constructing our own production facility

#Step four – scaling up

  • Increase Chrysocolla gemstone production and dominating 90 % of national Chrysocolla export
  • Include other gemstones of Peru:
  • Pyrite, Malachite, Rose quartz ....

#Step five – benefitting local people and conservation

  • Improve safety in mines
  • Implement eco-friendly technology in mines
    (solar panels, wastewater treatment, recycling)
  • Train miners and their children
    (jewelers, marketing, ingeneering)
  • Use part of profits to jump-start nature conservation projects and eco-business in other areas of Peru


Chrysocolla mining, processing and trading

Below a recording from a webinar with our Project Leader in Peru, Stefan Austermühle


Markets and products


  • crisocolla
    Raw chrysocolla
  • stone_senar
    Stones for healing, souvenirs, collectors
  • stone_hart
    Crhysocolla heart
  • stone_globe
    Globe, highly valued for e.g.mineral collectors
  • stone_ring
    Exquisite and unique handmade jewellery
  • sten
    Chrysocolla for collectors and as souvenir

The Chrysocolla Effect

For healing/collecting

Chrysocolla creates balance, calms nerves and relieves excessive tension or stress. In this way, it soothes the mind and also can anger or hatred turn into its opposite. Through this spiritual balance Chrysocolla gives warmth, tolerance and serenity.

In addition, the healing stone in necessary situations helps to keep a cool head. Through increased intuition and patience also decisions can be made more balanced and responsible by using the Imp activation System.


We can Make a Difference by Changing the Reality

Victory Club saving the butterflies

Saving the butterflies

together with the rainforest children

No butterflies = no new rainforest trees

= no rainforest in the future
Butterflies are important polinators !

This is the problem we will solve

Official export of dried butterflies from Peru: 500.000 / year
Estimated additional illegal export:  4.5 million / year
Estimated loss of butterflies during catch (destroyed wings) = 90 %
Estimated loss of butterflies from natural habitat per year: 50 million in Peru.

Yes, you look right – 50.000.000 butterflies are lost every year.


Saving the Butterflies and even earn some money in the end.

Please whatch a video with Stefan Austermühle describe the problem and also give us solutions.

Education is the most valuable intangible asset for any person

Education in Peruvian Amazon area

Together with  The Happy Forest Children Organization (HFCO)


School project

The Shipibo-Konibo People
Our current school project together with HCFO is in collaboration witht he Shipibo-Bonobo indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon.

You can read an introduction and background written by Samuel Cauper Pinedo, Pucallpa – Peru. 

PDF – The Shipibo-Konibo People opens in new window->

Education is the most valuable intangible asset for any person. Active participation in business, social life and politics is only possible for people who have a minimum level of cultural skills, the official language, basic reading and writing proficiency, and calculation.

While most laws prescribe school attendance, the reality for forest children often looks different. In remote places and for small communities, the governments do not always grant the right for education.

The Victory Club and Happy Forest Children will support and deliver facilities and equipment for following activities:

  • School canteens, breakfast and lunch meals and nutritional education, integrating indigenous knowledge on healthy food;
  • Sponsoring access to information technology and school equipment with accessories
  • Educating the educators: updating teaching personnel on IT technology and knowledge acquisition strategies;
  • Volunteer internship of developed-country teachers in rural schools;
  • Sponsoring football pitches for schools;
  • Sponsoring toilets and washing rooms for schools, which can be used by the whole community outside school hours.

HFCO Have a separate website and more about about the school project and other activities.

Link to the site->

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