Knowledge, Technology, Innovation & Passion

Education in Economics

Victory Club offer you education from the Structuration & Impact Economics Academy. You will obtain a “life improving and life changing” education with a certifying new profession exam in the end.

Becoming impact oriented is work in process. Accelerating the development of better business practices, better business models, better resilience and better strategy choices by collaborating across disciplines will improve our understanding.

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Ecosystems & Climate

We need Nature – healthy, balanced and whole – to survive and thrive. That relationship begins with light. Chlorophyll is the only substance known in nature that possesses the power to trap sunlight, capturing its energy and storing it in plants.

We obtain the energy we need to live from the solar energy stored in the plant food we eat or in the flesh of animals that eat the plants.

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Education in Management

The SIE Impact Academy educated advisors will achieve a high degree of skills, knowledge and impact competence at a totally new level, the certified students will be ready to enter a leading role immediate after they have passed a practical and theoretical exam.

Every section within the SIE Academy is independent and leads to a defined profession; the 5 first educational levels are introduced in our effort to develop a Masters study.

The SIE Corporate Advisors will achieve basic skills in knowledge-based “business” and operation planning, structuring and strategy development in context to your previous education, experience and profession.

You will also learn basic knowledge in problem shooting, consequence analyses resulting in where to begin and how to achieve solutions is part of this education.

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