Building a new value-based society


Complementary ICE-Currencies

The Victory Club aims to provide to its members an ability to create economic values and build independent and personal wealth.We believe in spreading values more equally by seeding members activities in local societies and rural areas.

We use a complementary currency to archive these goals of empowering local and community-based economy through Blockchain technology and BitCoin/VCoin by our circulating impact economy paradigm.

We believe this supplier soon will see they are loosing out on sales within their own local community and even the Victory Club community by not opening a Corporate Victory Club account. They will experience it could be extra profitable if they take part of the Victory Coins and speculate with them as you do, meaning a better profit can be earned from each sale.

Your supplier will now realize it should become a Victory Club member and stimulate everyone in the local society to also open their members accounts, most profit and all of the prosperity is held by the local community and everyone can now thrive on a place they want to live and maybe raise a family.


mynt_pennorOur Victory ICE Coins are what we call a Crypto Currency or a Complementary Currency to all national currencies we exchange a complementary currency into national currencies through Victory Club’s members E-wallets.

You will later this year be able to use ICE Coins (Impact Crypto Economics) to purchase products or services by just making sure the supplier of these products or services also have an Victory Club member account. If the supplier do not have or are not interested at the moment you can still use your complementary ICE currencies to pay for a local currency prized products. To find out how many ICE Coins you need to transfer you simply take the present days average trading price and deduct 20%, this includes 5% success fee from the trading pool, 3% finance cost for transfer in local currency and a 12% risk fee.

The ICE Coin Serviceses is not yet available to use outside the club, we are using Blockchain technology and a user system similar to BitCoin, while our trading only takes place inside the club for the time being.


Victory Club Escrow Services

If your service provider or product seller wish, to exchange the entire amount of Victory Coins they can. We use the agreed Victory Coins value and withdraw the mentioned fees before sending the amount in local currency.

The Victory Club Escrow Services will now take the exchange profit from the risk fee alternatively any Victory Club members can deliver this service, by spending money from their currency account in the E-Wallet. This is called an Escrow Services, the provider of Escrow foresees both parties receives what they have agreed upon in a sales or purchase agreement, the Escrow Agent can be the Victory Club or preferably a Victory Club member indirectly.

A Victory Club member can transfer the entire amount to be paid an entity outside the club into the Escrow Services account, the normal 3% transfer fee will be withdrawn from the amount, if they want to fund the entire amount themselves

A Victory member can also Team Up with the Victory Club together with other members to cash in on this trade, a Victory Club Escrow account will be developed for all further transactions and the profit from it divided among its funders and investors.

All escrow amount; under 1000 Credits will be covered by the 12% risk fee, amounts over might include other fees or even guaranties, guaranties can be given in local currencies, ICE Coins and Victory Bonds all depending on the trade.

Sales Commission, Affiliate Commission and Payment

Sales Commission, Affiliate Commission and Payment

Victory Club’s sales commission is calculated weekly, between Friday till Friday at 4PM GMT and paid in to your Member Account in your Back Office a Friday at 6PM GMT two weeks later. Your Victory Commission is 70% of Total Sales basics and calculated in CREDITS, then exchanged into British Pound Sterling (GBP) and allocated in your E-Wallet.


Out of the total Sales Basics the Victory Club will add a 30% Success Bonus to your Sales Commission being automatically placed in your Trading Pool Account as free Credits for Members to purchase products, services or for Indigenous Children Project donations.


From your back office you can freely transfer your money to any bank worldwide or to the AdvCash MasterCard we provide or the new Access Card and your new Access Account using MasterCard and international Real-time Secure Payment Technology services.

Comming services

Exchange Credits into ICE Gold Coins
Exchange Credits into ICE Silver Coins
International Travel & ICE Coin payment
Electricity & Insurance & ICE Coin payment
Car Leasing & ICE Coin payment

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