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It’s about all of us

girl2This is not about ME and YOU any longer, it’s about ALL OF US, and how WE can avoid further escalation of OUR problems and turn them into “profitable”, humane and environmental responsible solutions.

Feel in your heart what is needed of you, conserving land and protecting our rainforests is about much more than just the trees; WE need to understand, respect and submit to these realities today.
Our immediate future is before our eyes. Tomorrow, we will have lost 200 football fields of rainforest and extinct three animal species.

One indigenous will be murdered by illegal miners, 20 indigenous will be sick from drinking polluted water and two killed in attacks on their villages, 10 species of fish will be overfished and three extinct, because all “bush meat” disappeared when the forest was cut or burned down.

One family opposing the forest destruction will be forced to leave their home, five poor persons will die or be severely injured in illegal forest and mining operations, three young girls will be raped or forced into prostitution, 300 fires will be lit by illegal farmers, 200 wild fires will start in selected areas; resulting in all trees being removed and the ground vegetation left dry, one Jaguar will die from hunger when its natural prey disappeared or it will be killed by poachers, This could continue over several pages.…

This need not be tomorrows world, we can make a huge difference!

Lend me your mental and physical strength so we can make a huge difference as we now are two. Bring your brother, and we become a platoon, if your brother brings his girlfriend we will become an army. And if she has a sister…



The Happy Forest Children Vision


The preservation of the Amazon is of critical importance to life across our planet. Our vision is to ensure that the protection will happen all over the entire Amazonian rainforest will we support such initiatives in the initial phase where HFCO’s will develop projects firstly in the Peruvian then the Ecuadorian, Brazilian and Colombian part of the Amazon basin before HFCO will include all LATAM countries into their partner portfolios.

HFCO will initiate work to secure the well-being of children in the indigenous population, work with and guided by community-based models of sustainable development bridging traditional wisdom with modern knowledge. Modern knowledge establish real development and modern support, at the same time respecting old and established values and cultures so they are kept untouched and unchanged.

Rather than being separate from nature, we recognize our place in the interconnected web of life. We understand that when we despoil the Earth and its atmosphere, we directly do harm to ourselves. We believe a new era approaches where we live co-creatively and recognize the sacredness of Mother Earth. Gaia shows us by sustaining and celebrating life in all its diversity and working together with respect, compassion, and unity, we foster the creation of a fair, thriving and healthy environment for current and future generations.

  • Indigenous rights affect a third of land in emerging-economy deals

    A 2 year old Guarani Kaiowa indigenous girl cries in front of what was her hut and village, which was destroyed by a fire set by “unknown” arsonists in their makeshift camp squeezed between a highway and their non deniable ancestral land. Farmers “evicted” the tribe 15 years ago from their land, near Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil. The indigenous suffering from injustice tried over years to regain access to their own land but was not heard by the authorities or the land grabbers, the tribe told they had re-occupied part of their land, which is being used for a sugarcane plantation, but was driven from the land again by force.

    Studies urges investors to carry out local-level mapping of their concession, then to examine the national context, including corruption levels, land laws, and the frequency of legal disputes and violent protests over land-based projects. Based on this information, the risks should be managed by engaging with communities and obtaining their buy-in.

    kalhyggeAt least one out of every three hectares of land licensed for commercial exploitation in emerging economies overlaps with land to which indigenous communities have a claim, according to a study of 12 countries, the findings come amid rising international interest in sectors including agriculture, forestry, road consessions, oil and gas, mineral and mining.

    The HFCO Mission

    Happy Forest Children Organization (HFCO) will through establishing relations with indigenous grassroot alliances as COICA and international organizations such as UN’s Save the Children, UNICEF, NORAD, UKAID, USAID international childrens foundations and others; strengthening the stewardship of vital ecosystems, honoring ancestral wisdom in the creation and application of sustainable development practices.

    HFCO will support in preserving cultural identity and traditions through true intercultural education, and standing in solidarity with our allies for environmental and social justice, we will ensure a clean, just and sustainable future for all Happy Forest Children needing our international help.


    Happy Forest Children Organisation has it own webpage.

    You can find all the information here, new window->

Happy Forest Children Organisation has it own webpage.

You can find all the information here, new window->

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