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Ethical & Green Commodity Trading Exchange

Impactivation as a roadmap to your market

EGCTX is a Trading-Platform for producers, buyers and traders of Agriculture& Food, Forestry & Lumber, Minerals & Mining and green commodity products and services under one professional Fintech-based roof.

EGCTX offer an Impactivation-based human-eco-carbon business platform where finance, brokers & traders, technology & Innovation, consults & project developers, technicians & engineers, retailers and project owners can meet under the roof of EGCTX, offering a broad specter of services and products.

The platform will evidently be used for all types of ecological food production and green technology, renewable energy and the fast growing interest for water treatment and bio diversity projects, being the first strong parts of a new green commodity and equity providing platform.

We offer producers, customers, clients, investors, project developers and idea holders to meet under the same roof where EGCTX affiliates and partners can offer product, production and funding support.

Developing quality products with high market values, such as renewable energy technology, infrastructure technology, forestry management and production of wood and non wood products will be developed together with ecological agriculture and silvopastural land management.

Resource management and bio technology including production of biomass and bio fuels will be a ecential part of project development and commodity producion. In the nature, on a farm or agricultural land there are produced commodities for cosmetics and beauty products, medicines and SPA products, skin and hair treatment, natural sweeteners and spices with more.

The ongoing climate change is a challenge to all businesses globally as everyone will be affected by the result of it, such as material resource scarcity, clean water scarcity, a volatile and unpredictable fuel and energy market, ecosystem decline, population growth, wealth growth in the middle class, urbanization and food security.

This means both increased risk for some industries and complicated competition with raised costs might create a situation many companies will not survive, use of external consultants to both evaluate and solve these situations will grow rapidly.

However, this serious situation do also opens new opportunities through developing of market mechanisms and socio-economic incentives such as the developing of various UN-backed REDD+SES carbon, social, environmental and biodiversity forestry standards. A new “economy” will most likely be developed on these bases and it is in this scenario we see our opportunity to establish a professional carbon and commodity project developing entity, taking advantage of every step of the products value growth along the “production line”.

Your local market – EGCTX Electronic Eco Market

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