Global Forestry Carbon



Forests and climate change is about more than just the trees

Conservation & Reforestation


Know and develop your market before you decide to cut down existing trees and plants, before you decide what production you will/want to produce and look at local, national and international markets based upon your dynamic project strategy with defined goals. If you are building a “Cooperative neighbourhood project model” you will likely be better off risk wise, out of divided labour solutions, a variety of products to produce, seasonal market sensibility and volatility.

The forest protectors

5e Consultalcy’s mission and project strategy will be developed on the acknowledgement of the indigenous people’s rights and our respect for their chosen way of life. On their right to direct project participation where they can improve their own life quality and secure the nature they are depend their existence upon. The land use and management plan must be developed in cooperation with involved tribes and indigenous communities, where there will be demonstrated a genuine benefit to all stakeholders preserving the forest for future generations.

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