Bridging global values

Image: Yagua Tribesman – Peru

Bridging global values

Image: Yagua Tribesman – Peru

5e consultancy ltd is the company behind The Victory Club. 

5e consutanct is developing and leading rainforest conservation projects with dynamic land management and economic impact strategies through ‘Impactivation’ ( see below). 


5e Consultancy Mission statement

“We endeavour to understand our clients’ core business and organisational operations so well as to be able to offer highly qualitative, technological and comprehensive solutions to their problems and professional needs.”


We work to use our knowledge and technological skills to effectively mitigate climate change by providing tailor made project and business tools to develop action plans with sustainable, responsible and Impactivation based holistic solutions with and for:

5e Project Capabilities:
REDD+ & Ethics, Conservation Economics, Agro-Forestry, Food production
  • Indigenous Multi-Value projects
  • National Parks and Conservation Economics Solutions
  • Land Management and Ecosystems Development
  • Agro-Forestry and Impact Tourism
  • Conservation, Afforestation and Reforestation Solutions
  • Rural Development Agency, Food production and Urban Migration
  • National Commodities, Local Education & Work-Place Development
Business Climate Strategy, Management Systems, Risk Evaluation
  • Climate Impact Fund, Green Derivatives & Bonds, Trading Platform
  • Impact CSR with Certified Corporate Profiling
  • Carbon Offsets Solution and Carbon Credits Economic
  • Conservation and Impact Investment Economic
  • Industrial Commodity Impact Investments
  • Project Feasibility, Evaluation, Risk and Economic studies
  • E-Bank, Block-Chain and Card Payment Portal

5e Consultancy

has an in-depth understanding of how today’s environment create negative and destructive impacts on our planets ecosystems, biodiversity, social life, international and local economics and finance.

At 5e Consultancy, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ problems and needs that will foster business development with added value.

Important Impactivation

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Bridging values worldwide



The word Impactivation was coined by MR. Frydenlund and the development of the Impactivation Technology & System as well, later to be further developed in cooperation with Dr. Michael Dutschke in biocarbon economics Ltd, now Director of Compliance in 5e Global Group Ltd and Impactivation Systems Ltd.

The Impactivation Systems Ltd is the world leader in Impactivation technology and development.

Living with Impactivation

This is a concept note for a groundbreaking Internet platform as a trading, payment and decision support tool for sustainable production and consumption.


Sustainability is the aim, Impactivation is the process

5e Consultancy and biocarbon economics are jointly developing an open technology- platform, the aim of which is to achieve measurable sustainability goals for private, corporate, political and organizational users. The Impactivation Plan is an evaluation and simulation tool providing a “best case” result to follow for each decision.

ICE Coin – positive impacts for 7 billion clients

What’s more, payments will be transacted through an e-currency called ICE Coin (Impact Crypto Economy), the only currency concentrating on clean and socially acceptable investment, while providing total security for both buyer and seller.

Impactivation will be a trading platform for sustainably produced goods and services, involving the two billion humans who could be your clients, but have no access to financial services as of today. ICE Coin allows them to actively participate in world markets, directly from their iPad and Smartphone.

Impactivation – generates disruptive business

Impactivation is an ethical trading and payment platform with its own e-currency. Think of AliBaba/Bloomberg/Phone Banking /Cyber-Currencies/Space University/Aid- with-a-profit with a much wider scope and under ethical principles. It links products, projects and users that have not been integrated into the market with producers, investors and consumers in developed economies.

It will connect the one-third of humanity that currently has hardly any ties to formal markets with the rest of the world economy. Impactivation will also provide education, water, and energy and communication technologies. Impactivation is an organically growing system, which on its way will generate enormous wealth for all involved, widely de-coupled from conventional economic cycles.

All commercial decisions entail business for the provider of the most appropriate provider of goods and services. Therefore, providers of low-impact goods and services will support the platform, which targets their clients as precisely as no other sales platform on the web. This is the perfect pull strategy, where the client seeks the seller, based on best available information.

Impactivation – a paradigm shift in all sectors

This paradigm shift is far from a negative because by implementing an enhanced stewardship initiative private and public ecosystems can achieve:

  • Impactivation – a paradigm shift in all sectors

    This paradigm shift is far from a negative because by implementing an enhanced stewardship initiative private and public ecosystems can achieve:

    • Reductions in operational risks and expenses;
    • Acquisition of new clients, customers, consumers and incremental revenue sources;
    • The future’s highest and most sustainable corporate profits and/or investment returns;
    • Enhanced brand equity and value;
    • Improved client, customer, consumer loyalty and retention rates;
    • Increases in market share;
    • Clearer and more rapid identification of investment and product risk, and potential stranded assets;
    • Risk evaluation in banks and loaning institutions will be easier and their quality improved to recognize threats and adverse impact potentials;
    • Reductions in carbon footprints;
    • Increases in rankings on the “best places to work” lists Hiring the finest team members;
    • Increased productivity;
    • Decreased team turnover; stability and value focus
    • An enhanced positive effect on all defined

    Impactivation – business with a reason

    Impactivation is a new value-based technology, for Analytics, Simulations and Decision Making, of comprehensive risk evaluation and assessment, performance and decision analysis. It also embraces loss prevention, prosperity enhancement, technology and process evaluation, strategic project assessment, ecosystems impact evaluation, and a corporate operational and management system on one partly open platform.

    To use the platform’s professional services, users will have their password-protected login; their tailor made user license and flexible protected data storage, on a yearly lease. The platform will provide impact solutions for global environmental issues as well as for day-to-day decisions at the corporate or even household level, to the best of global knowledge available at any point in time. Private users and social organizations will have free and open access, in general schools and educational institutions also.

    Every business solution we provide can be categorized as providing either upstream or downstream management of supply-chain, finance, or information.

    Mobile app and iPad/computer solutions tailor-made or off the shelf, cloud platforms and secure data storage, franchise solutions and renting section of main system HUB. Providing the following services and information:

    • Supply Chain Distribution Products: developers, producers, stockers, wholesale, retailers,
    • Supply Chain Aggregation Products and services: marketing, sales, trading, storing, distribution, logistics,
    • Information Distribution Products and services: suppliers, developers, distributers, advisors, consult, juridical, services, education,
    • Information Aggregation Products and services: data, technical information, storage, software,
    • Finance Credit Distribution Products and services: microfinance, lending, investment, banking, funding
    • Finance Risk Aggregation Products and services: insurance, risk limitation and avoidance

    Impactivation – positive and measurable climate impacts

    As a value-based technology, it will have immediate impact on use and extraction of natural resources, agriculture and forestry, conservation and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, and how corporations will stimulate to long-term prosperity through avoiding adverse impacts. As a direct climate-economical incentive all users of Impactivation should be offered a tax incentive, where tax reduction could be directed towards projects with measurable results from social and humanitarian activities, in rainforest projects in huge need of new impact-strategies and impact funding, and to invest in educational and health institutions, cooperatives and SME production in rural societies

    The Worlds first Top 10 Impactivation Countries

    Today, the environmental, and economic crisis holds and increasingly stronger grip on our planet, mainly from excessive human consumption of natural resources. Environmental protection is critical to maintaining ecosystem services essential for human well-being. It is important to be able to rank countries by their environmental impact so that poor performers, as well as the Positive Impact ‘models’, can be identified.

    There is considerable and mounting evidence that elevated degradation and loss of habitats and species are compromising ecosystems that sustain the quality of life for billions of people worldwide. It is, therefore, we find it essential to achieve a short term and positive outcome and not only to look at these countries difficult situation but mostly their “Impactivation Potentials”, our environmentally and economically impact indicators are being our focus.

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