Making a Difference by Changing the Reality

The Victory Club aims to provide to its members an ability to create economic freedom and financial strength when we teaches them how to build an independent personal and corporate wealth.

Teaching you how to combine your daytime job with an additional activity in your spear time where you could earn £50 – 500 extra per week simultaneously, you would participate in projects having a direct impact on the environment and in poor peoples life.

What would you say if you could learn how to get 10 times the values you ad in a project back in 12 months time?

What would your friends and family do when you told them they also potentially could?



Peru Project

5e consultancy ltd is the company  behind The Victory Club. They are developing and leading rainforest conservation projects with dynamic land management and economic impact strategies through Impactivation.

We have ongoing project in conjunction with indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon area.

Peru has a wide diversity of landscapes including the Atacama Desert, the Andean highlands and the rainforest covering the whole northeast of the country. Peru is also the headwater of the Amazon River.

Why Peru? – Read pdf document->


Your benefits of being a member

  • Become a Victory Eco-Business owner
  • Become your own boss, be a CEO
  • Work and develop your core business locally
  • Work from home without having to quit your jobfamily
  • Secure your families economy for the future
  • Keep money and investments in the local society
  • Help other people realize their dreams
  • Invest in other peoples projects worldwide
  • Develop and secure family wealth
  • How you have direct impact on the environment
  • To have direct impact on the new Impact Economy
  • Learn how to avoid corruption and greed



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