Making a Difference by Changing the Reality

The Victory Club aims to provide to its members an ability to create economic values and build independent personal and corporate wealth.

This i how you can combine earning a bit extra, and simultaneously having a direct impact on the environment and poor peoples life.

What would you do, if you could get 10 times your invested money back in 12 months?

What would your friends do when you told them, they potentially could?



9 Ways to gain Wealth with The Victory Club

  1. Victory ICE Coins – Purchase your ICE Coin’s to speculate in the Victory Trading Pool, invest your ICE Coin’s to a fellow members project and become a business partner, support members with Micro Loans and Social Funding Projects.

  2. Victory Bonds – Projects will be funded by issuing “Victory Bond’s” directly linked with each project and are used to purchase sections of land for Rainforest Projects, Trees and Tree plantations, Agro-Forestry and Agricultural projects.
  1. magasin13Victory Magazine – The high quality Victory Magazine is a monthly “newspaper” you can hold in your hand and read and is a Green Eco-Social Magazine for Victory Club’s members and supporters. The magazine can be purchased from leading Newspaper and magazine retailers in high quality paper format for GBP 10 and an electronic version for GBP 6. Members can distribute and sell this magazine and even provide advertisement and articles paid for and earn sales commissions.

And 6 more ways – read more->


Peru Project

5e consultancy ltd is the company  behind The Victory Club. They are developing and leading rainforest conservation projects with dynamic land management and economic impact strategies through Impactivation.

We have ongoing project in conjunction with indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon area.

Peru has a wide diversity of landscapes including the Atacama Desert, the Andean highlands and the rainforest covering the whole northeast of the country. Peru is also the headwater of the Amazon River.

Why Peru? – Read pdf document->


Your benefits of being a member

  • Become a Victory Eco-Business owner
  • Become your own boss, be a CEO
  • Work and develop your core business locally
  • Work from home without having to quit your jobfamily
  • Secure your families economy for the future
  • Keep money and investments in the local society
  • Help other people realize their dreams
  • Invest in other peoples projects worldwide
  • Develop and secure family wealth
  • How you have direct impact on the environment
  • To have direct impact on the new Impact Economy
  • Learn how to avoid corruption and greed


Asset class


Company shares

Good business pays dividends
Share value increases with profibility

Sales Team

The more sales you bring in, the better earnings
The larger your membership package is, the higher is your part of the 30% sharing commission

ICE Count Account

Currency value increases with trading, business success and real assets invested


Controlled issuance by “central  bank” system

The real purpose of any business is to sustain life


Impactivation Systems Ltd is the world leader in Impactivation technology and development

Impactivation – Background

Thank you for your attention to what has been developed the past decade, I left the Oil, Gas & Process Industrial Technology world in 2004 to give all my skills and knowledge to develop Environmental and Humanity Solutions.

My Social Eco-Engineering was established to “visualize” how the environment has direct and indirect impact on human livelihood and stakeholder economics, I also discovered Sustainability did not deliver measurable environmental and social results, only short sighted economic profits.

After 6 years of scientific research I developed The Impactivation Plan, a “value-based” innovative and disruptive IT Technology for corporate and political: project evaluation, risk assessment, cost efficiency, technology optimalization, operations and management simulations. To avoid adverse impacts, to stop corruption, to secure human livelihood, to increase food production, to secure corporate prosperity all having a direct impact on the Environment and in the end today’s Climate Chaos.

This new system is called: The Impactivation Platform, by implementing this technology into any and every ongoing and planned operations or projects worldwide Sustainability would for the first time show rapid propulsion and deliver measurable results for accountability. To my knowledge this is the only SYSTEM available AVOIDING adverse impact of any and every kind, humanity as a whole need this technology to be used from today of shall we avoid the +4C scenario with a sea level on +5meters.  

Today’s sustainability hypocrisy and green lies must stop, “fake political and corporate argumentation” have done nothing good for the humanity the past decades, full transparency and the truth must up on the table for the first time in this century.  If you are serious about who and what you are, please contact me and we can elaborate around how we can make this happen, avoiding billions in lost capital and millions in lost lives and loss of the life-giving biodiversity.

We have to do this together

Asle Frydenlund/Founder

Read more about Impactivation


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